Error: Missing Dependency: perl(Convert::ASN1) is needed by package samba

While updating a server, I got perl dependency error with Samba [crayon-5ab1e5a6d7fec934273632/] Recommended reading Missing Dependency: after munin installation Solution: ERROR: Unable to install the “psa-backup-manager-9.5.2-cos5.build95100504.12.i586″ package. perl error in CSF installation Removed Samba because it was not requird [crayon-5ab1e5a6d7ff7195499340/] but … [Read more...]

Adding additional smtp port in Cpanel server

By default smtp servers use port 25 but some of the isps block port 25 and force their users to use their smtp server to avoid spamming, however Cpanel have a simple option to add additional smtp port so that your users can use their website's smtp server to send emails. Login into WHM. Click on service manager. Enter the Alternative SMTP Port in the box and apply changes. If … [Read more...]

How to upgrade php to 5.2 in Plesk 9.x and 8.x

By default plesk 9.x and 8.x comes with php 5.1 installed, however if your application requires php 5.2 specifically then you can upgrade it manually with simple steps. [crayon-5ab1e5a6d89b7550362558/] … [Read more...]

Preventing cpanellogd and cpbackup running at the same time?

Cpanellogd [log processing] and cpbackup [Backups] consumes lots of CPU power of server. Therefore, it is not recommended to run cpanellogd and cpbackup at the same time on shared server. By default cpanel run them at the same time, however you can set cpanel to not to run them at the same time to avoid server load. Login to WHM. Click on Statistics Software Configuration under Server … [Read more...]

How to kill a process in Linux

All linux and Unix distributions comes with kill command inside. Killing process by name If you know the process name which you want to kill then you can simply use [crayon-5ab1e5a6d8da8545446404/] [crayon-5ab1e5a6d8daf124788329/] Killing process by process ID You can find process ID of a process using [crayon-5ab1e5a6d8db3882403243/] and … [Read more...]

How to find process root in Linux

If you find a process creating load on your linux machine, and you want to find the application, file or script which is running this process and ps aux command is your friend. Suppose, a php process is running and creating load, you can run [crayon-5ab1e5a6d91d5020208513/] It will show the the path to file which is running this process. [crayon-5ab1e5a6d91dc858337276/] … [Read more...]

How to increase size of tmpDSK (/tmp) in Cpanel

Default partition of /tmp in cpanel is 500MBs and if for some reasons it get full, cpanel start sending alerts. [crayon-5ab1e5a6d960d191753538/] It also cause the services like apache, mysql to stop working because whenever these services run, they create temporary files which stop in /tmp, these files includes PHP session files PHP temporary file uploads MySQL temporary files Cache … [Read more...]

CSF on DirectAdmin

There was a time when I was about to select a firewall for a server which had DirectAdmin installed and I choosed CSF. CSF is one of the best firewall available for hosting servers. Installation of CSF in directAdmin is really easy, just download csf. Extract it and Install it Just a 3 step installation. Login to server via ssh, Download csf using wget Run … [Read more...]

perl error in CSF installation

[crayon-5ab1e5a6d9bc1646752863/] The error is because of perl module installation, which is the basic requirement of csf and the solution is [crayon-5ab1e5a6d9bc8413694358/] … [Read more...]